In the drilling industry, everyone knows that time is money. We at Petrosolutions appreciate that equation and provide solutions that not only increase recoveries, but also lower costs by minimizing non-productive time, boosting production rates and requiring smaller expenditures of capital. Some of the drilling products that we can supply are

» Downhole cable protectors,
» Cross coupling protectors and clamps
» Check and Bleeder Valves
» Electrical Submersible Pumps,
» Gas Separators,
» Electric/Induction Motor
» Artificial Lift Monitoring
» Wellhead Monitoring
» Geothermal tools and MWD Tools
» Mud pump Expandables
» Mud pump Pistons, Valves and Seats
» Chrome-iron liners and Zirconia-ceramic liners
» Fluid End Modules
» Fluid End Components
» Pulsation Dampner Bladders
» Drill pipes
» Casing
» Tubings
» Drill collars